Mainly just hung out with Aunt Jenni. She blew a bunch of money at Best Buy and she was asking for suggesstions for CDs, and I named just about every one except FTSK, which is better than every single one I named. Fml. Anywho, tomorrow I’m probably hanging out with Deldel and Roxee, so thaat should be fun. My dad is so freaking paranoid though, it kills me.

Interviewer: I’m a girl, I’m fickle.

 Jack: Does that mean poop?

cute jack is cute.


cute jack is cute.
Crossing my fingers.

Dear All Time Low,

Please let this Six Flags tour thing be true. And the fall tour. I want to see you at Six Flags St. Louis and Great America so bad, and I could see you for the fourth time in one year if I saw you in the fall. You guys mean too much to me to only see you once! ): And I want to meet you too. Thats where the fall tour comes in, haha. So anywho, I’m done rambling.

Your devoted, determined fan,

Sydney :|

Emily asked why I dont blog anymore.




triple k fatburger challenge. me, dan suh, and danny. very long and not for the faint of heart.

this was intense.

Oh my god, I love this. XD There is NO WAY I could ever do that.









OHMYGOD. hahahaha.

oh my god. i just fell in love with them all over again hahaha

LMAO dear jacks mom

one word:



oh my god. XD

this made me want to lol so hard but my dad is asleep in the next room.

I like watching you move.
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