I swear we spent most afternoons, somewhere in the act, we were part of something ours and ours alone. Anywhere was home.

We’re almost here again.

Does anyone else here watch I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?

Or am I just lame.

Oh, baby, when they made me, they broke the mold.
This chi-weenie hates me.

He freaks out when I come near him and when he does let me hold him, he shakes. I don’t know why, it makes me sad. ):

Before I met you, I used to dream you up and make you up in my mind.
You’re just a black cat with a black backpack full of all your worst and you’re gonna burn this city down right now.
Okay I am really getting mad now.



(via orgasm4atl)
There&#8217;s really only reason why I posted this picture.

(via orgasm4atl)

There’s really only reason why I posted this picture.

I’m going to go watch tv.

Internet’s getting boring.

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